For some unfortunate possums, the end is the road. For this community of Awesome Possums, the road is just the beginning. The Awesome Possums NFT Community is an exclusive posse that offers the opportunity to be a part of a talented & fun network, comprising of artists, entrepreneurs, collectors, investors, humanitarians and visionaries.
10k unique Awesome Possums (10 rare & 2k 3D) will be launched in this top-tier NFT collection. There will be 2k Awesome Possums will be given away to our earliest adopters and for contests.

Community is our #1 priority. We ask our community to believe us when we say enjoy ‘The Road’ and don’t be afraid of it. Even though the road is just the beginning, no road is long with good company and the right directions.

“The Road” is the foundation to keep our Awesome Possums proud and invested in their posse. You can expect generous giveaways, games, merch, charity donations, student scholarships and more...

The founders of the ‘Awesome Possums’ NFT Collection is dedicated to the project long-term, meaning you WILL NOT catch them playing dead or on the side of the road. We have the vision and drive to be one of the most generous, caring and sought-out NFT communities. As we like to say around here, nothing is im-possum-ble.

We vow o'possitivity, integrity, generosity, kindness, inclusion and gratitude.
We are the 1st NFT project aimed towards empowering mental health awareness and addiction recovery.
Personal Development & Community Support
Charitable Organization
Incentives for Ownership
Invitation to a Private Discord full of fun and the convenience to share ideas, knowledge and wisdoms of each Awesome Possums owner. Each owner is unique and we encourage the display of your uniqueness. Our Discord will also include a support group for the communities the project is aimed at empowering.
The founders of the Awesome Possums are most excited about giving back to charitable organizations. We have members on our team that has witnessed loved ones struggle with mental health conditions and addiction. With our support to this project, we will be giving back to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Charities that are making serious impacts and funding scholarships focused on low income students and families. The Awesome Possums community will take a vote in the Discord to determine when and where Awesome Possums decides to allocate their charitable contributions. We may run contests for holders to choose charities also.
Win rewards, crypto lotteries, Awesome Possums NFTs, vacations, tickets to live events and Awesome Possums merch.
Produce Artwork, website, smart contract deployment.
Establish Social Media networks (IG, Twitter, Youtube, Discord), adopt influencers.
8k minting 09 Sept 2022 @ 1200PM EST, pre-sale 07 Sept 2022 @ 1200PM EST.
Free ETH and NFTs to holders during minting. 'Awesome Possums' NFT will offer giveaways to early supporters and adopters.
First (of many) donation to a Mental Health or Addiction Recovery focused charity.
10 Giveaways (Luxury Vacation/Season Tickets/Music Festival Tickets…winner’s discretion) to 10 lucky Awesome Possums holders.

Offer free therapist, counselor or motivational speaker service on discord.
Merch Store - We will produce EXCLUSIVE merch & apparel for ‘Awesome Possums’ holders. Expect random giveaways of merch depicting holders particular NFT.
1x 5 ETH giveaway on every 5k trading cycle to the traders of that session on opensea.
5x $10k scholarships aimed towards low income students and families.
The Road Ahead…
Create a platform where art meets the recovery community.
Launch a charity focused on addiction recovery. We are looking to sponsor 100% costs for addicts seeking treatment programs.
Development of a VR game (Awesome Possums: The Road). We're coming for the Metaverse.
The ‘Awesome Possum Podcast’ giving a platform to fully recovered addicts to share their road to recovery & inspire every listener.
More giveaways, exclusive meetups, charitable donations & scholarships.
This will be the never ending road. Our goal is to help out as many lives poss'ible, create poss'itive change for humanity & keep our community happy!
Launch animated series (platform TBD).
Awesome Possums Founder
Awesome Possums OG – Nicholas Brison, Tucson AZ
Father - Veteran - Business Owner - Kambo Practitioner - Mental Health Advocate - Nature Explorer
Nick’s vision in the launch of the Awesome Possums NFT Collection is geared towards providing fun experiences for its community and charity/support for people trying to pull themselves out of a struggle. The goal is to keep our community invested AND empower, raise awareness & give a platform to the addiction recovery community.
“To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - that is to have succeeded”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson